Kozlowski Fund

The Kozlowski Fund

The Kozlowski Fund was created in August 2012 by the SUI to support original cave exploration in Ireland.  It is named after Artur Kozlowski a Polish-born caver and cave diver who was very active in the Irish caving scene during the years 2006 – 2011.  During this time Artur discovered a significant amount of new cave passage including setting a new depth record for cave diving in Ireland and Britain at Polltoomary in Co Mayo, connecting the Marble Arch and Cascades/Prods Systems in Co Fermanagh and exploring and surveying several kilometers of large underwater cave passage outside Gort, Co Galway.  Tragically, Artur was killed during an exploratory dive in Pollonora Cave near Kiltartan Co Galway in September 2011 but his contribution to Irish cave exploration was such that the fund was named in his memory.

Application can be made by SUI members who are taking on a project of original cave exploration within Ireland.  Application is made through the Expedition Application Funding form which is available on the Expedition Page


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