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Women Who Rock (17th-18th September)

(This is a ticketed event with limited numbers, see for details)

Women Who Rock is your chance to try out the sports of caving and rock-climbing with like-minded women.

The Speleological Union and Mountaineering Ireland have gotten together with support from Sport Ireland to offer a few participants a chance to take part in this subsidized event that aims to bring women together to discover the adventure, joy and camaraderie in these two wonderful sports that bring you closer to nature and the potential within yourself.

The event takes place on the 17th and 18th September 2022 in the Burren Co. Clare. We’ll be sending out information in advance. A Zoom meeting and Whatsapp group will be available for those who want to know more or would like to arrange carpooling to the event.

Why caving and rock climbing in one event?

A lot of cavers are also rock climbers, when it’s raining outside caving is one of the few sports you can do.
There is also a lot of skill cross-over in the two sports and both sports have a strong ethos around conservation, access and the environment.
We’re all just nuts about rock formations too!

If it’s a subsidized event what am I paying for?

The tickets cover the cost of staying overnight in The Burren Outdoor Education Centre and for caving equipment rental. The BOEC is a fantastic facility in the heart of the Burren with fantastic views of the limestone hills. It has warm bunks, kitchen facilities, hot showers and even games rooms. For those not staying overnight, the only cost will be the equipment rental. The Speleological Union of Ireland and Mountaineering Ireland have secured a group of highly qualified and friendly instructors for each of the activities to give everyone the best experience possible.

I have no previous experience, I’m not sure I have the upper body strength and I don’t think I can crawl through tight holes?

No previous experience is necessary, this is a beginner event and you won’t need upper body strength for these events (it’s a bit of a myth really). The caves we are going to will be mainly walking caves, there may be some moments where you have to duck under some rocks or turn sideways while walking but it’s much like passing under your kitchen table. There will be plenty of other women, trainers and volunteers with you and it’s lots of fun. If you’re still a kid at heart, then this is the playground for adults. Just come along and see!

I’m a bit worried about things like time, toilet facilities, warmth and when we’ll get to eat etc?

Don’t worry we all think about that! Our volunteers and trainers are aware of this and will go over those elements in the briefing and before the event. We want you to have  the best experience possible and our hope is to see participants engaging with our sports in the future.

SUICRO 2022 (28th – 31st October)

The annual Irish Caving Symposium (SUICRO) is taking place this October bank holiday weekend in Hylands Hotel, Ballyvaughan, Co Clare. Details of events and competitions are available at the events page

The symposium is a fantastic opportunity to meet new and old faces, enjoy talks, raffles, quizzes and more, and of course get some great caving done! We look forward to seeing you there!

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