Caving in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Caving is the adventure sport that explores natural underground spaces.

Almost every part of Northern Ireland and Ireland has caves in it. From the 97m rope descent into Noon’s Hole in Fermanagh to the 16km of passage in Pollnagollum, Co. Clare, the island is packed with beautiful and exciting underground passages.

The largest concentrations of caves are in Co. Clare in the west and Co. Fermanagh & Co. Cavan in the north. Hundreds of systems have been documented and many more await discovery.

Find a caving club

We would love you to get involved in exploring this unique underground world.

See a list of all caving clubs in Ireland including contact details.

Caving is a diverse and welcoming sport. Many ages, nationalities and backgrounds are represented.

New cavers, those who wish to return to the sport and foreign cavers now living in Ireland are all very welcome.

Become a member of SUI

The Speleological Union of Ireland (SUI) is the all-island body that represents the interests of cavers.

Discover the benefits of becoming a member, including personal caving insurance, training events, expedition grants and more.

If you need help or have a question about caving, feel free to contact us.

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