SUICRO 2018 Photography Competition



There will be three categories:

  1. Irish Caves
  2. International Caves
  3. Beginner Photographer (being anyone who has not previously entered at SUICRO and not entered in categories 1 and 2.

Entry Conditions

  • Photos should be sent at the original resolution.
  • Maximum numbers of photos that can be entered, across all categories, is five per person.
  • The final closing date will be midnight 23rd October. Entries after this will not be considered.
  • Photos to emailed to Jim Warny at:
  • No stamps or watermarks allowed; no photographers’ names or other indicators of the photographer to be included in the filename (to maintain anonymity for the judges).
  • Judges cannot enter competition.

The Judging

  • Photos judged will be sorted into one email by Jim and sent to the judges, who will have no indication of whom they were taken by.
  • All photos will be judged by two experienced judges. They will tally results separately and an overall score will be based upon averaging of their results.
  • The evaluation criteria will be set according to:
    • Creativity: 25%
    • Technical skill of the photographer: 25%
    • Over-all quality of the photograph (i.e. beauty, action, speleological interest, etc.):50%


To be sorted by SUICRO panel.

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