SUI Library Update

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We are delighted to add digital copies of the SUI Newsletter, Issues 48-56 (excluding issue 54) to the SUI digital library SUI Library. Our sincere thanks to the editor John Sherry for providing copies for digitisation. These issues contain some great insights into the history of the SUI, ICRO and Irish Caving, highlights include:

  • The adoption of “Underground” as the title of the newsletter
  • Numerous articles regarding the Poll-an-Ionan Show Cave dispute
  • A number of excellent expedition reports
  • A number of announcements regarding the previous major disruption to caving in Ireland, the Foot and Mouth disease outbreak of 2000-2001, relevant to these trying times!

We encourage you to have a look.

We would also request that anyone who has a copy of Issue 54, please get in touch with us, it is the last remaining issue of the newsletter to be digitised and we would love to complete the collection.

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