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The SUI Training and Events Calendar 2024 has been published, please see below, training events will become available for booking on the SUI Membership site closer to the date of the event. For details please contact with any questions.

Cave Skills course (Claddagh Glen Scout Hut, Co Fermanagh) – course registration open27-28th of January
Cave Leader 1 course (Co Fermanagh)23-24th of March
SRT 1 (location tba)13-14th of April
Cave leader 2 course, first weekend (Co Clare)27-28th of April
Cave Leader revalidation day (Co Clare)26th of May
SRT 3 course (location tba)7-8th of September
Cave leader 2 course, second weekend (Co Fermanagh)5-6th of October
SUICRO symposium (location tba)26-28th of October

Please also note the following training updates:

  • Unfortunately this year we will not be running an SRT 2 course.
  • The Training Officer will reach out to all current valid CL1 and CL2 holders and invite them to the re-validation day, but please add the date above to your calendars. If leaders are unable to attend re-validation, they can attend the course appropriate to their leadership level as an observer to re-validate. If neither is possible then they’ll have to do an assessment to stay current, otherwise they will be removed from the list of current CL1/CL2 leaders on the website. 
  • We are making changes to our Recognition of Prior Learning process and will now only accept existing certifications for recognition. As an example: in contrast to previous years, attendance at a Cave Skills course will now be a hard requirement for attending a Cave Leader 1 course. 
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