SUI COVID-19 Response

Published by Chairperson on

The Speleological Union of Ireland (SUI) is requesting all cavers on the island of Ireland not to participate in caving/potholing or any caving-related activities for the foreseeable future.
This comes on the back of recommendations relating to the COVID-19 pandemic made recently by the European Speleological Federation (Fédération Spéléologique Européenne [FSE]).
Caving is a non-essential activity at this time and we are asking all cavers to play their part in helping to reduce transmission of COVID-19 and #stayhome.
Please postpone any planned trips and/or caving-related training events or social gatherings until further notice.
This is for your own health and safety, to reduce social interactions, and most importantly, to minimise the risk of a potential rescue operation being raised. This would not only increase the strains put on rescue services at this difficult time, but would also create a serious risk of exposure and viral transmission, especially given the close-quarters nature of cave rescues.

We would like to thank all cavers on the island for their patience and urge you to follow Health Service Executive (HSE)/Health and Social Care (HSC) advice on staying safe and reducing the rate of transmission.

We hope we will see you underground in the near future.


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