Meet the Team

The SUI is kept running by a small team of volunteers, day to day operations are carried out by our committee.


SUI Committee




Conor Winchcombe

Angela Prior


International and Honorary Secretary

Membership Secretary

Camilla Casella

Patrick Bore


Training Officer

Safeguarding and Anti-Doping Officer

Terry Casserly

Conor Martin


Public Relations Officer

Development Officer

Paul Mc Carron

Chris Chapman


Conservation and Access Officer

Student Liaison

Stephen Sheehan

Rory Mullen



Matthew Parkes


Board of Directors

Leonard Smith – Company Secretary

Desmond Mc Nally – Director

Jim Warny – Director


Training Team

Terry Casserly                              Adam De Eyto

Artur Lach                                    Eoghan Mullen

Colin Bunce                                Eoghan Lynch

Eszter Kal√≥czkai                        Stanislaw Drapala

Tim O Connell                            Una Donoghue