Recognised Award Holders of Basic Cave Leader (BCL), Cave Leader (CL) and SUI Cave Instructor Certificate (CIC) holders

Holders of the BCL and CL awards are required to hold up to date SUI membership, a valid first aid certificate as well as attend a revalidation event every 5 years.  The complete list of current, recognised award holders is below.  The list includes CIC members who are SUI members. The list is fully comprehensive, is correct as of 1st Sept 2017.

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has published guidelines on leadership in outdoor pursuits centres and adventure sports companies which includes a recommendation that only those with recognised qualifications should lead groups on adventure sports activities.


Basic Cave Leader

  • Brian Mac Coitir
  • Cillian Burke
  • Gerry Woods
  • Jacintha Buckley
  • Aoibhen Brytt
  • Kate Lavender-Duncan
  • Magda Kluj
  • Sebastian Nalewko
  • Shauna Maguire
  • Tony Furnell
  • Shauna Maguire
  • Tony Furnell

Cave Leader (note that all Cave Leader award holders will also hold the Basic Cave Leader award)

  • Adam De Eyto
  • Artur Lach
  • Eoghan Lynch
  • Davy Walsh
  • Eoghan Mullan
  • Seamus Breathnach
  • Terry Casserley
  • Tim O’Connell
  • Una Donoghue
  • Jimmy Kelly
  • John Sweeney
  • Colin Bunce
  • Phil Walker

Cave Instructor Certificate

  • Nigel Ball
  • Tim Fogg