Ario Caves Project 2013

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Good luck from the SUI to the members of the Ario Caves Project: a month long event taking place in the Picos de Europa mountains of Northern Spain next month.  The Picos have received a lot of attention from visiting cavers, mainly those of Oxford University Caving Club as detailed in the classic book ‘Beneath the Mountains’. Over the last 40 years a number of very deep systems in the region have been explored such as the well known Xitu, La Texa and P80.  This year’s visit will attempt to connect a number of theses deep systems which could potentially lead to the creation of one master cave totalling up to 1800 metres in depth.  Nine SUI members are taking part in the event and have received financial support from the SUI’s Expedition Fund.  So ‘good hunting’ to our members who are attending and to all the others of the event.

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