Personal Caving Skills

The SUI does not currently offer specific training in the following skills, we recommend you develop these skills through a caving club. SUI Qualified Trainers may be available at certain times of the year to provide specific guidance on some aspects of personal caving skills to your club. This is highly dependent on the training schedule and the availability of qualified instructors.

Contact to find out more.

Club Awareness

  • Why lead?
  • Briefing and checking
  • Leadership styles
  • Child protection

Caving Level 1

  • Ladders and lifeline
  • Deep or Fast water
  • Surface Navigation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Surveys and Topos
  • L&L Equipment
  • L&L Rescue
  • Incidents underground

Caving Level 2

  • Basic SRT
  • SRT Equipment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Basic Rescue (using second rope)
  • Cave Surveying

Caving Level 3

  • SRT Rigging
  • SRT Route Planning
  • SRT Rescue.
  • Anchors
  • Equipment Care and Maintenance